Meaning of The Vogue & Coffee Addict:


I love to read the Vogue & drink my iced coffee at the same time since many years. It´s like a ritual.

Welcome at The Vogue & Coffee Addict!

I´m Gianna and I love the good lifestyle full of fashion, food & luxury!


It all started on Instagram. I discovered my passion for photography and thought about to connect it with my passion for fashion & designer pieces. Some day I wanted to do more and thats why I created my blog.

And I love it!

It´s also a lot of work, of course but it´s worth it. I´m very happy when I look at the results & even more when I get positive and lovely feedback by my community, friends & family.

I love to share my impressions and ideas with you & and I hope you enjoy!

Be inspired!


Greetings, Gianna!



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